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Category: Pest Identification

Our guides will help you confidently identify different type of pests and understand whether you have a pests infestation or not. Whether is understanding bug types, Termites vs Carpenter Ants or Bees vs Wasps we got you covered.
Clover mite on a plant.
Red Bugs In Florida: Clover Mites Guide

Fall weather is quickly approaching, and that means cool weather pests are getting...

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agrilus-planipennis emerald ash borer
The U.S.’s most Invasive Animal Species

  The United States is home to more than 6,500 invasive species, all of which...

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Mole poking its head and front feet out of the dirt.
Moles vs. Voles: What’s the Difference?

  Moles and voles are both notorious for ravaging our backyards and gardens,...

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Geese flying in formation in a cloudy evening sky.
5 Beautiful Birds of New Jersey

  New Jersey is home to an astounding 480 different bird species. That’s...

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Hand holding a magnifying glass over a bed revealing cartoon bed bugs.
Hotel Bed Bug Search Guide

Traveling can be hectic enough as it is, and the last thing anyone wants to worry...

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Cockroach on a rock
Florida Cockroach Types: A Guide

Cockroaches are never a pleasant sight, especially when they are spotted inside...

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Mosquito hanging from a leaf.
Aedes scapularis: Florida’s New Mosquito Species

Lately, there has been some talk around the watercooler of a new species of mosquito...

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Termites in Florida: A Species Guide

If you live in Florida, you probably already know that it is a hotbed for termite...

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House mouse eating peanuts on a sidewalk.
Rodents Identification Guide

Due to their damaging habits and tendency to carry diseases, mice and rats are...

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Blowfly on a plant.
Flies Identification Guide

All fly life cycles develop via complete metamorphosis with egg, larval, pupal,...

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