How to Get Rid of Those Pesky Pantry Moths

December 20, 2018

Pantry pests are annoying and very difficult to eradicate. They typically come into the home from the grocery store, in boxes or bags of food that have an opening in them. Common culprits include cereal, rice, flour, beans, grains and even cake mixes. It is important to be very careful when cleaning up after these pests; if you miss anything, you will have trouble getting rid of them for good. However, if you follow a few simple steps, you should have a fighting chance of getting rid of the pantry moths once and for all through proper pest control practices.

Get Rid of Infested Food

Once you realize that you have pantry moths, look through your food to determine if anything has been infested. It is often a good idea to just get rid of the food rather than trying to take steps to make it safe for consumption. However, throwing the food in the trash is problematic; you do not want the waste to stay in your house, so you have to remove the bag from your property immediately. Even keeping it in the garage is cause for concern. You do have the option of walking away from the structure of your home, digging a hole, and putting the bag there if you want to be completely safe.

Clean Well

Take everything out of the pantry and make sure the shelves are immaculate. Use hot water and plenty of soap. When you are finished, combine water and white vinegar and use that to go over all the surfaces one more time. If you have peppermint oil, consider putting a few drops of that in the mixture as well. Peppermint oil keeps a number of different pests away, including pantry moths, roaches, ants and mice!

If you have shelf liners, get rid of them. Take out the cans and jars and wash them with soap and water. Check around the lids to make sure there aren’t any signs of moths in them.

Leave the Pantry Bare

Once you’ve finished cleaning, do not put items back on the shelves right away. If possible, wait several weeks to make sure the pantry moths have really gone away. If you see them again, trying cleaning everything once more. This time, be a little more thorough, cleaning areas even if you do not think they need to be cleaned.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Make sure you look over your pantry and cabinets often. If you see any signs of pantry moths, clean well to eradicate them. Catching the problem early can make a big difference in how easy it is to ultimately get rid of them. In addition, since pantry moths often catch a ride to your house from the grocery store, make sure you check out the packaging before you buy any food. If you notice a problem, don’t buy the item!

Dealing with a pantry moth infestation or any kind of pest control related problem can be very frustrating. It is important to take steps to correct a problem early. If you cannot eradicate the issue on your own, get in touch with a pest control company like Excel Pest Services. We’ll be happy to provide a free inspection and let you know how we can help you eradicate any unwanted pests, whether it’s at your home or place of business. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your residential pest control and commercial pest control services needs. Excel Pest Services is here to provide effective solutions to ensure a pest-free environment, tailored to your specific requirements.