How to Find The Best Pest Control Company Near Me?

August 6, 2019

Everyone struggles with pests at one time or another. If the problem becomes too much to deal with, a professional pest control company needs to be consulted. It is not always easy to figure out who you want to work with. Are you wondering how to find the best pest control near me? Here are four tips that will assist you as you search for an honest, reliable pest control company to address any pest-related problems in your home.

1. Don’t Rush: Find A Quality Pest Control Company

It can be tempting to just book the first available pest control company and have them come out to your property immediately after you discover a pest infestation. Residential pest control and especially commercial pest control are important aspects of your daily life. But, take a step back and pause for a minute. Most bug infestations are not true emergencies, so you can afford to wait and find a company that is going to do the job right the first time. Get estimates from more than one place. Look for companies that offer a free estimate. For example, Excel Termite & Pest Control set up free, same-day inspections if you call before 2:00, so you aren’t delaying the process that much by looking for the right pest control business.

2. Confirm Qualifications For Potential Pest Control Company

Any pest control company that you work with should be licensed by the state. Do your research and make sure that the business is not only licensed but is bonded as well. If anything happens while the company is on your property, they can reimburse you for the damages.

3. Get Recommendations On The Best Pest Control Companies

Talk to your friends, family members and co-workers to find out which best pest control companies they use. Do your research on any of the recommendations; look up the companies on the Better Business Bureau and see what their ratings look like on Google and Yelp. Finally, once you’ve narrowed your list down to a few different businesses, give them a call. Pay attention to the level of customer service. How friendly is the receptionist? Were you able to reach an actual person or were you placed on hold for an indefinite period of time? How informative were they when you spoke to them? All of these things make a difference, as you want to end up with a company that will put your needs first.

4. Ask About The Guarantee

Any reputable company should guarantee their work. Therefore, it is important to find out ahead of time what type of guarantee is offered and if there is a “fine print” to be aware of. If you come across a company that either doesn’t offer a guarantee or is evasive about what exactly the guarantee entails, you should treat that as a major red flag and move on.

Pest control issues pop up when you least expect them. It can be difficult to deal with these issues on your own, which is why it is important to have a good extermination company to turn to for help. While it can be difficult to determine which pest control company to give your business to, the information included here should help make the process go smoothly. If you are dealing with a pest infestation, don’t wait; start finding a company that can help you today!

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