Get Rid of Fruit Flies with a DIY Fruit Fly Trap

May 16, 2018

This easy solution to get rid of fruit flies in your kitchen takes only a few supplies and you probably already have them lying around your kitchen. To build this fruit fly trap you'll need:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • A jar or other container, preferably glass
  • Dish soap
  • Plastic wrap
  • Optional: tape/rubber band
  1. Pour a small amount of apple cider vinegar in the jar. The depth is not important, you just need about 1/4 inch layer.
  2. Add a drop of dish soap to the vinegar. The dish soap breaks the surface tension and allows the flies to sink in the vinegar.
  3. Cover with plastic wrap (secure with tape or rubber band if necessary). Poke a few holes in the wrap cover to allow the flies to get in.
  4. Set on counter to start collecting fruit flies!

That's it! The flies are attracted to the smell of the cider vinegar and as soon as they land in it they sink.

If you are struggling with flies in your home or place of work, it's important that you get in contact with a licensed pest control company that specializes in fly control, whether for residential pest control or commercial pest control services.