5 Easy To Follow Tips & Tricks For Termite Prevention

July 9, 2019

Most people look forward to spring. It’s a time when flowers start blooming, days seem longer, and the weather warms up. However, another unfortunate sign of spring is the presence of termites. Their signs of an infestation should signal trouble for homeowners, as they can cause significant property damage in a fairly short period of time. They are also difficult to notice and can become rooted at a property before you know it. However, you don’t have to accept termites as a fact of life. There are preventive pest control measures you can do to keep termites away from your home.

Termite Treatment Tip: Cut Back Shrubbery

Don’t allow bushes and trees to grow close to your home. By keeping them cut back, you reduce the likelihood that areas around the foundation stay wet over time. In addition, if you do wind up with a termite problem, you’ll be able to see what is going on much quicker if you don’t have shrubbery up against your house.

Home Termite Treatment: Clear Away Mulch

Mulch is a great addition to any landscaping project. However, if you put too much down, you may be increasing the areas of moisture around your property, which is one of the things that attract termites or other pest infestations. Make sure you don’t put mulch within half a foot of your foundation. In addition, do not allow it to be close to windows, doors or siding.

Preventative Pest Control: Take Care Of Your Crawl Space

It is essential that your crawl space has both a vapor barrier and plenty of ventilation. This will ensure that there isn’t a lot of moisture in the space. Not only does moisture attract termites, but it causes a host of pest control problems as well.

Pest Management Tip: Fix Leaks On Your Property

There are plenty of ways that moisture can accumulate on a property. For example, leaky pipes are a problem that many homeowners have to deal with on a regular basis. If you keep a close eye on your home, and take steps to repair leaking pipes as soon as possible, you keep the moisture levels in and around your home down. That means that your property will be less attractive to termites over time.

Termites Prevention: Stack Firewood Away From Your House

Since termites consume wood to survive, storing firewood adjacent to your home could put you at greater risk of an infestation. Try to keep firewood from directly touching your home to create natural separation between potential termites and your home.

Address Moisture Issues

One common theme throughout this article is moisture; in order for termites to thrive and reproduce, they must have access to water. It is crucial to regularly inspect your property for pockets of moisture and take steps to address any issues that you find. You never know where moisture could be lurking, which is why it is so important to do periodic walk throughs in and around your yard!

If termite control is a problem on your property, it is important to bring in a pest control company to help you eradicate the issue. Excel Termite & Pest Control is happy to perform a free termite inspection to confirm the presence of termites and come up with a termite treatment plan to help you. Spring should be a time of celebration; don’t let the thought of termites get you down!

For more information about termites read through our Termite’s FAQ page.