Bird Control Plan

birds nesting on rooftop
birds nesting on rooftop

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Bird droppings are easy to notice but tough to prevent. Especially in semi-enclosed areas like warehouses. Leave it to the experts. Our effective products and innovative methods effectively take care of your bird control problems.
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What’s included in our Bird Control Plan:

We’ll do a full inspection of every possible roost, perch and nest to identify bird species, and population.
We’ll develop a response customized to your property, bird species and bird activity.
We’ll affix the appropriate products to your property. This may require inside access in the case of larger structures like warehouses, parking garages and other semi enclosed structures.
We’ll continue to service your property all year. Maintaining repellent dispensers and inspecting bird net installations.
We’ll remind you when it’s time to renew your coverage, so you can enjoy your bird free property.

Why bird control matters:
60 diseases and ectoparasites

Bird droppings are not just an unpleasant eyesore on your restaurant patio or warehouse floor, they can also transmit over 60 diseases harmful to humans and animals.

Excel. Authorized installer of Bird B Gone – humane bird deterrents.

Bird B Gone® is the world’s leading manufacturer of bird control products
Proven effective for residential, commercial and industrial properties
Wide array of humane deterrent options
Effective for most bird species including: pigeons, crows, geese and sparrows
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Frequently asked questions

Do birds carry diseases and are they harmful to people?
Yes, Birds, bird droppings and nesting materials can carry over 60 diseases and ectoparasites transmittable to humans and animals.
How do I know if I have a bird problem?
Look up and look down. Look up to see if you can spot signs of bird activity such as nesting materials. Look down on the ground level to see if there are bird droppings on the ground. If you can see bird droppings, this means there are birds perching above those areas.
Is there one product that works for every bird problem?
The simple answer is no. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly inspect the property to create a pest management plan designed specifically for your bird problem.
Do bird spikes work for only pigeons?
Bird Spikes are a great solution for pigeons, gulls and similar sized birds perching on flat open roofs and ledges. If you are experiencing problems with birds smaller than pigeons or nesting birds, there are alternative solutions that can be devised.
Are there alternative products to Bird Spike?
Yes, Bird Jolt Flat track is a fantastic alternative to bird spikes. This electric track comes in different colors, deters a range of bird species and is hardly noticeable from the ground level. It can be installed on rooftops, fences, ledges and other flat open areas birds may perch.
I have nesting birds, what can you do?
First, we will check if the bird is a protected species. If the species is protected, we will wait until they vacate the nest fully. If the species is a non-protected bird, we can safely and humanely remove the nest and clean the area. We will then recommend an exclusionary product such as bird netting to prevent birds from nesting in the future.

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