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Hospitals & Healthcare Pest Control

Custom Healthcare Pest Control Service Plans Year Round Control - 100% Guaranteed

Each program is tailored to your healthcare establishment's needs. After the initial inspection, we create a custom program for your specific situation based on what is needed to keep your facility pest free.


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Each situation is unique so we'll customize your service program to work with your Heath Care establishment. As you direct, we'll coordinate with the management and the maintenance or housekeeping teams.
We'll work hard behind the scenes so you look great for your patients. Just let us know how best to work with you and we'll get it done.
Every Excel pest protection program comes with a 100% guarantee. The job is not done until the pest is gone.
EXCEL technicians are trained, licensed and insured, and they are schooled in nice.
Why is Pest Control Important in Hospitals and Healthcare?

In any healthcare facility, the health of patients and workers is at stake. Pests’ unclean habits can be extremely hazardous in healthcare environments, because such environments require absolute sterilization.

What are the most common Pests found in Hospitals?

The most commonly encountered pests in healthcare facilities are bedbugs, rodents, cockroaches, flies, and ants.

What are the signs of a Pest infestation in a Hospital?

The most obvious signs of pest activity in a healthcare facility is the pests themselves. Flies around waste disposal areas, ants in surgical rooms, or cockroaches in kitchens are all signs that immediate pest control is necessary. Droppings, blood specks on sheets, bug bites on patients or workers, and nests are also common signs of pest infestations.

What are the Common areas for pests in a Hospital or healthcare facility?

Typically, the most commonly infested areas of healthcare facilities are patient rooms, exam rooms, dining areas, kitchens, bathrooms, waiting areas, and lobbies.


Customize Your Pest Protection Plan

All Excel Commercial Pest Protection Plans includes regular treatments that coincide with the changing seasons. This way we can provide you year round protection with coverage for the pests listed below:
Ants (All Types), Spiders, Roaches, Mice, Rats, Bees, Hornets, Stink Bugs, Pantry Pests, Crickets, Silverfish, Wasps, Moths, Centipedes, Millipedes, Interior Fleas, Pill Bugs, Earwigs, Box Elder Bugs

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      What our clients say about us

      “Their customer service is outstanding, they are quick to respond and are a very friendly group of people. Excel has always gone a step above and beyond to ensure that our tenants are well taken care of and their pest issue is resolved, no matter what it is. They are also very helpful with tips on how to prevent issues from reoccurring and they do a nice job showing our tenants how to take preventative action for the future.”

      - Mount Prospect Property Management Essex County, NJ

      “You can really tell the difference in the service they provide. I have not had a single complaint since I began service with them. Their technicians are very knowledgeable, and are very thorough. We could not be happier and most importantly, I know my customers, employees and all of our kitchen appliances and food are safe! I certainly recommend anyone to give them a try, Excel does not disappoint.”

      - Sonny’s Restaurant & Pizzeria Bergen County, NJ

      “Our company has been using Excel since last summer, and we are so pleased with our technician. He is extremely customer service oriented and extremely informative any time we have questions or concerns.”

      - Parker Imperial Condominiums Hudson County, NJ

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What does EXCEL's program cover?

      Each program is tailored to your healthcare establishment's needs. After the initial inspection, we create a custom program for your specific situation based on what is needed to keep your facility pest free.

      Are your products safe to use in hospital?

      All of the products we use are completely safe for use in hospitals. We do not use any products that could potentially jeopardize the health and safety of your patients or employees.

      Is the service guaranteed?

      All of our services are 100% guaranteed. We pride ourselves on getting rid of your pest issues in as few visits as possible!

      Can I change my service program?

      We provide routine checkins with management to ensure your Pest Control Program continues to meet your facility's needs. If a change is required, we are more than happy to help create a new program to better fit your situation.

      Will I get a "log"?

      We provide log books to all of our customers to ensure they have the proper documentation ready whenever it is needed. The log will keep track of service dates, service reports, and company contacts, as well as grant instant access to safety data sheets for all products used at your facility.

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      Choosing Excel helps us support the John Hopkins Lyme Research Center. You will help them advance the critical knowledge and clinical tools urgently needed to improve Lyme disease patient care and health outcomes.

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