Grow Mosquito Repellent Plants in Florida: 3 Easy-to-Cultivate Options

June 19, 2019

The best and worst things about summer can both be found in your garden. We all love a quiet outdoor afternoon in the Florida summer sun, but dread the bug bites we might receive from the mosquitoes who congregate outside. If you want to keep mosquitoes away, these three plants that repel mosquitoes are an easy addition to your garden and will act as a backyard mosquito repellent.

1. Marigolds Help Get Rid of Mosquitoes

If you want an easy-care backyard mosquito repellent, marigolds in the garden are the answer. The smell of marigolds naturally keeps mosquitoes away and marigold seeds are easy to germinate. You can plant marigold seeds in planters or directly in the soil. Marigolds are hardy and can grow in almost any soil. Once spring rolls around, sow these seeds in your garden and enjoy using these pretty flowers as a backyard mosquito repellent, mosquito control , and insect repelling.

2. Lavender Keeps Mosquitoes Away

Lavender is another great backyard mosquito repellent. Coming from the mint family, the smell of lavender gets rid of mosquitos. Lavender is also an extremely hardy plant and has even become known as an invasive species in certain parts of the world making it a very attractive option for mosquito control. Between its beauty, hardiness, and attractive aroma, lavender is an extremely effective and easy to care for backyard mosquito repellent.

3. Rosemary and Basil as Mosquito Control

Rosemary and basil plants are two of the most universally beloved herbs, but if you want to keep mosquitoes away, they are the perfect option. Basil plants and rosemary not only repel mosquitoes, but help keep flies away as well. After enjoying a them as a backyard mosquito repellent, you can even pick some to have fresh herbs for dinner. Very few plants that repel mosquitoes do it as effectively as these two herbs.

When you are struggling with trying to get rid of mosquitoes outdoors, be sure to consider having backyard mosquito repellents in your garden like these three plants for mosquito control. Not only will they enhance the beauty of your home, but they will also help to ensure you keep mosquitoes away this summer.

If you have a large property, you may need to turn to a professional mosquito control company like Excel Termite & Pest Control to get rid of mosquitoes effectively. Although backyard mosquito repellent plants are very effective, mosquito control professionals will often be a more realistic and cost-effective option to keep mosquitoes away from your house during the summer. Mosquitoes are not just annoying, but can carry deadly diseases, so when you are struggling with backyard mosquito control make sure you reach out to a professional to keep you and your family safe!

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