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Bed Bug Pest Control & Treatment

Eradicating Nocturnal Pests

Reclaim your sleep and comfort. Our skilled team is dedicated to eliminating bed bug infestations, putting an end to sleepless nights and discomfort. Say goodbye to itchy bites and restless rest – get in touch today for professional bed bug extermination and experience the relief of a bed bug-free environment.

Bed bug on a black surface.

What do bed bugs look like and why are they concerning?

Bed bugs are small, oval, parasitic insects who live off the blood of humans and animals. There are two main types of bed bugs- nymphs, or immature bed bugs, and adult bed bugs. Adult bed bugs have a flat back, are 3/8 of an inch long and are brownish-red in color.

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Their oval shape is reminiscent of an apple seed. After they eat a meal of blood, they will appear more swollen and brownish-orange. Nymph Bed Bugs are invisible to the naked eye, as they have translucent bodies and are microscopic in size. Although they bite, bed bugs do not tend to transmit diseases. Bed bug bites can cause red, itchy welts, and there is also the possibility of experiencing an allergic reaction to the bites.

Bed Bug on a person's skin.

Where do bed bugs live?

Bed bugs like to live in close proximity to humans, and will therefore infest practically any place where groups of people gather. These places can include homes, hotels, stores, public transportation, schools, or offices.

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In order to be close to a food source, bed bugs hide in beds and other furniture, as well as in clothing and shoes. However, they also have a tendency to live behind baseboards, under wallpaper, in picture frames, and virtually anywhere else that may have small cracks or crevices.

Bed bug on a white linen with stains.

Why do I have a bed bug problem?

Bringing bed bugs into your home is easy and common. While they cannot jump, they are very good travelers. Bed bugs can be picked up from places such as movie theater seats, restaurants, and hotels.

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They transfer to personal belongings like overnight bags, luggage, or even you, and in turn they transfer to places in your home or business. A single pregnant female can lead to more than 300 adults and 1000 new eggs in just three months, which can cause an infestation to worsen rapidly.

Bed bug on a black surface.

When are bed bugs active?

Bed bugs are active all year round and are mostly nocturnal, so they generally feed at night. However, as they are opportunistic, they may also feed during the day, especially if they are in a heavily infested area.

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Bed bugs become more active between June and October due to the increased heat and humidity. They also spread more during this time because of the increase in travel.

Bed bug on a black surface.

What’s the best way to prevent a bed bug infestation?

There are various precautions you can take to avoid a bed bug infestation. For instance, inspecting beds and furniture in hotel rooms or rentals before your stay, vacuuming suitcases after staying in a hotel or rental, or keeping suitcases in plastic bags while staying in a hotel or rental.

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You should always carefully inspect second-hand furniture before bringing it into your home. If you think you may have bed bugs in your home, you should routinely check your sheets and upholstery for blood spots and check areas where pets sleep for indications of bed bugs. An infestation can happen quickly, so if you believe you are currently experiencing a Bed Bug issue, call EXCEL bed bug removal today to schedule your free home inspection and eliminate bed bugs.

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