Summer Pest Control: How To Keep Pests Out Of Your House This Summer

March 29, 2023

Most people look forward to the summer months; along with the warm weather comes lazy days spent by the water and a host of outdoor activities. However, with summer also comes an increase in the number of possible pest infestations, particularly inside of their homes. If you want to keep pests such as mosquitoes, ticks, or rodents away this year, here are a few pest control tips to discourage potential unwanted guests into your house this summer.

Preventive Pest Control: Keeping Your House Clean

Picking up around the house makes a huge difference when it comes to preventive pest control. The kitchen, in particular, needs to be kept clean. Take out the trash on a regular basis and make sure to sweep each evening. Keep your sink clean; do not allow dishes to pile up. Make sure to get rid of as much clutter as possible. Cardboard, magazines, and other types of paper are a beacon for bugs like cockroaches. Do not store them in your living space. Finally, wipe down the counters and tables before you retire for the evening. Even very small crumbs can attract unwanted pests into your home, which is why residential pest control is important.

Get Rid Of Wet Spots On Your Property

Water is a necessity of life. Pests need it just as much as humans do. Therefore, if you have wet spots in your yard or are dealing with a leaky pipe, you are going to attract pests to your property. Make sure to address any leaks and keep your yard as dry as possible. If you have a pet, do not leave water bowls out overnight. After heavy rainfall, be sure to empty out any receptacles of rainwater. This includes children’s toys, areas of your swing set, birdbaths, and other items that can collect water.

Inspect Your House’s Exterior for Possible Pest Infestation Entry Points

There are many ways that pests can get into your house, but you certainly do not want to make it easy for them. Do an inspection of your home’s exterior and seal up any openings that you find. Look for cracks in the foundation and holes in the eaves. Check carefully around windows and doors to make sure there is nothing that needs to be sealed. If you notice any problems, address them promptly. It only takes a small hole in your house’s exterior for a rat infestation, or a roach infestation to begin.

Cut Back Vegetation to Reduce Possible Pest Infestations

Bugs love grass, trees, and bushes. Keep the lawn cut so that ants and other pests don’t have anywhere to hide. Trim back branches and shrubbery so that pests can’t use the vegetation to get up close to the house. Keeping things neat and trim not only looks nice but it makes a huge difference when it comes to the number of potential pests that you see.

Bring In a Pest Control Company

You can try to keep bugs at bay yourself. However, a professional exterminator knows just what to do to mitigate the problems you are having at your property. In addition, they can assist with preventative pest control measures to keep you from seeing pests in the first place.

Taking a few simple steps can help you keep bugs out of your home or business this summer. If you need a little additional assistance, get in contact with a proven pest control company offering residential pest control and commercial pest control services. You don't have to wait until summer; get started now. With warmer temperatures in Florida, you can use these summer pest control tips year-round.

So now is the perfect time to ensure that your Florida pest control is up to standards for both residential and commercial spaces. Don't hesitate to contact us to address all your pest control needs and maintain a bug-free environment throughout the year.