How to Get Rid of Roaches and Keep Them Away

September 4, 2018

No one wants to see a cockroach in their home, and the sight of one is enough to cause most people to panic and start thinking about how to get rid of roaches for good. It is important to remember that cockroaches need many of the same things that we do to survive; they come into your home looking for food, water and shelter. If you make it difficult for them to find these things, they may not hang around very long. The following tips will help you to keep roaches away.

Will cockroaches go away if you clean?

Cockroaches love food. Of course, you can still see cockroaches even if you have the cleanest home in your neighborhood. But, you’ll reduce your chances of an infestation if you clean often. Make sure you don’t let the trash overflow, sweep the kitchen floor in the evening and don’t leave dishes sitting in the sink overnight. Don’t forget about your dishwasher, either; check it periodically to make sure that it is as clean as possible.

Do not leave food laying out. Pick up a few containers that have tight-fitting lids to store any edible goods that are not in the proper packaging. Throw away any trash and pick up on a daily or weekly basis. You don’t want to give the cockroaches a place to hide.

Do leaks attract cockroaches?

Roaches like water; they often congregate in the kitchen or bathroom, because these are the areas that have sources of water. Cockroaches do not necessarily have to eat on a regular basis but they do need water. Double check your house to make sure there are not any water leaks. If you notice standing water on your property, take steps to eliminate it as soon as possible.

What materials attract cockroaches?

Cockroaches love to nest in cardboard. If you don’t need it, make sure you throw it away rather than store it. If you leave it laying around, you are practically inviting this pest to move in and start to slowly take over the home.

Do cockroaches like the cold?

Actually, no- in fact, cockroaches hate the cold and have a difficult time surviving in it. American cockroaches are a very common problem for pest control in New Jersey and Florida. When it is hot, they fly more often because they have better control over their muscles. While keeping your home cool won’t necessarily eliminate a cockroach infestation, it may keep them from taking flight. Not only are they easier to kill, but they won’t scare you quite as much in the middle of the night.

Sometimes, you can do everything right and still see cockroaches in your home. Get in touch with your local pest control company. Call the pest professionals at Excel to see how we can help. There are a number of different options available for residential pest control and commercial pest control services. The first step is to set up a free inspection; we'll come out to your home or business, take a look at the property, and create a plan to address your roach infestation. You are under no obligation to work with us going forward, but if you like what we have to say, we can start working on the problem the very same day (in most cases). Contact us for all your pest control needs, whether for your home or your business, and enjoy a pest-free environment.

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