Recommended Schedule For Your Business’ Pest Control Treatments

March 22, 2019

It is difficult to operate a business successfully when you are struggling with pest control problems brought on by pest infestations such as rodents, roaches, and more. Even if you are able to initially get a handle on the problem, you may be concerned that an issue will pop up when you least expect or want it to happen. As a business owner, it is a good idea to set up regular pest control treatments, to ensure that you stop a pest infestation before it turns into a huge issue. How often these treatments should be set up depends on a few factors.

Is Your Business Susceptible to Pest Infestation?

The kind of business you have makes a difference with respect to how often you should have commercial pest control services. For example, if you serve food at your establishment, you need to have pest control services at least once a month. If the public often comes into your establishment, it is important to keep bugs away as well. You don’t want your customers to get the wrong idea about your business. Monthly pest control services are often best, but you may require weekly service, depending on the location of your establishment and the pest pressure associated with it. Speak to your pest control professional about their recommendations and then go from there.

What Kind Of Pest Infestations Have You Experienced?

Have you seen bugs at your business? Think through which pests have been a problem for you in the past. If you’ve consistently experienced issues, it is a good idea to set up pest control services more frequently, especially in the beginning of a season. Also, if you’ve had problems with pests that are notoriously difficult to get rid of, like ants, you may want to consider more frequent services as well. Regardless, if you are aware that pests are a problem at your property, you need to take steps to adequately protect it going forward.

What Does Your Pest Control Technician Think?

After getting in contact with a pest control company, a pest control technician will come out to your business to do an inspection. They’ll be able to identify what type of pests you have and can tell you whether the problem has progressed to a full-blown pest infestation or not. The technician will come up with a plan to keep your property free of bugs and rodents, and he or she will recommend a treatment schedule. You may need monthly treatments, bi-monthly treatments, or quarterly treatments, depending on your needs.

Regardless of what type of business you have, it is important to have pest control service on a regular basis. Not only do you want to keep your customers from seeing bugs at your property, but it can be difficult to do business when you or your staff are constantly dealing with a pest infestation. What you need at your business depends on several factors, so get in touch with Excel Termite and Pest Control today. We’ll provide you with a free inspection and help you determine how often you should set up commercial pest services. You have more important things to worry about than bugs, so let us take care of them for you!