Pigeon Pest Control Guide: Preventing Pigeons

July 26, 2021

We all know just how invasive pigeon populations can feel; where there’s one, there seems to be a hundred. Once they move into an area it can be hard to make them leave, so it is best to try to stop the infestation before it even begins. Read on for tips on how to fully pigeon-proof your home or business.

Remove Attractants

Like all pests, pigeons move into areas that have a steady food and water supply. As such, you must remove all sources of food and water from your property to avoid attracting pigeons in the first place. Make sure garbage cans are closed securely, and keep all pet food indoors. After outdoor meals or events, take the dirty dishes and leftover food inside right away and pick up any food scraps. It is also a good idea to clean your grill after each use. Clean any bird feeders on a regular basis and do not place them too close to your building.

Pigeons are not only attracted to water for drinking purposes. They are also attracted to potential bathing locations. Once a flock of pigeons claims a bath, they will bully all of the other birds away. To avoid this, empty all bird baths and containers that may hold rainwater. Make sure to empty them after each rainfall.

Block All Potential Nesting Areas

Pigeons like to build their nests in places like attics, balconies, garages, ledges, rafters, roofs, and sheds. However, they cannot nest in places they cannot reach, which is why it is so important to remove all pathways and block off all nesting spots. Trim tree branches away from the outer walls of your home or building. Place screens or nets over vents and put a cap on your chimney. Use silicone caulk to seal small holes, and use hardware cloth to seal larger holes. Pigeon netting is great for keeping pigeons out of rafters and other larger areas.

Use Repellants

There are a number of pigeon repellents available. These are some of the most effective:

  • Spike strips and parallel wires will prevent pigeons from nesting wherever these deterrents are laid. Spike strips are simply strips of spikes that can be fastened to surfaces you wish to keep pigeon-free. The spikes will deter the birds from landing, and they will certainly not build a nest in a spot they can’t even land. Parallel wires have the same effect as spike strips.
  • Pigeons do not want to nest anywhere that predators are present, so decoys are perfect for scaring pigeons away from an area. Decoy kites are best for windy areas. They sway in the wind, causing them to look more realistic. A plastic owl, hawk, or snake will also work. Place the decoy wherever you wish to prevent pigeons.
  • Visual deterrents, like reflective bird diverters and lasers, confuse pigeons and cause them to actively avoid the area of the deterrent.
  • Ultrasonic repellents are quite effective, as birds have excellent hearing. There are different types of ultrasonic devices. One type emits bird distress calls and predator noises. Such noises will make pigeons think the area is not safe for nesting. Another type of ultrasonic repellent emits a sound at a frequency that cannot be heard by humans, but which is very irritating to pigeons. Ultrasonic devices can be heard by birds within a one acre radius. Sound-based repellents may not be effective immediately. They are meant to teach pigeons to associate your property with danger. This learning process takes time. As such, it is important to leave the devices on every day for weeks. In doing this, pigeons will hear the noises every time they visit. Eventually, they will associate the property with said noises, causing them to avoid the area from then on.
  • Bird gels can be applied to any surfaces frequented by pigeons. The gel is invisible and sticky. Pigeons do not see the gel, land on the surface, and their feet get stuck. They have to struggle a bit to free themselves, and will subsequently avoid landing in the same area in the future.
  • Pigeons hate strong smells, which you can use to your advantage. Sprinkling cinnamon or hot pepper juice in areas pigeons like to hang out will drive the birds away.
  • Motion activated sprinklers are great for scaring pigeons away before they even land.
  • Installing a weatherproofing string above ledges or railings will make it impossible for pigeons to land. Wrapping a slinky around railings has a similar effect. Both of these methods are great for balcony or other outdoor railings.

Now that your home or business is fully pigeon-proofed, you’ll never have to worry about new pigeons again. If you’re having trouble getting rid of existing pigeon populations though, give us a call and we’ll send over a technician. Pigeons are very unsanitary pests, what with their droppings and diseases, and they should be taken care of as quickly as possible. We will work with you to get rid of your pests and make sure they don’t come back.