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Pest control made simple.

Excel. And exhale. We'll take care of your pests safely and thoroughly.

Free Inspection. Same day service.

Get ‘em gone. Keep ‘em gone. With prevention-based pest control.

Our Excel Integrated Pest Management approach addresses the cause of your pest problems at its source. Preventing pests 365 days a year. 100% guaranteed.

mother and son Mother and baby laying in the grass in a pest-free yard.

They’ll try. We’ll stop them.

Some companies just spray and pray. At Excel we do more, because we know more. Understanding the complete life cycle of the pests that pester you.

Relax. We’ve done this a few thousand times before.

We started in River Edge, New Jersey in 1991. Since day one we’ve had a laser focus on giving our customers the confidence that their pests are gone and will stay gone. Safely.

We are your neighbors, too. We love this place as much as you.

The company we keep.

Ask us how we have offices in 11 counties in two states. (No, really, do it. Real people answer our phones.)

Map of South Florida counties with Broward county highlighted in blue.
Map of New Jersey counties with Excel's 9 serviced counties highlighted in blue.
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You’ll be supporting research into lyme disease, too.

Choosing Excel helps us support the John Hopkins Lyme Research Center. You will help them advance the critical knowledge and clinical tools urgently needed to improve Lyme disease patient care and health outcomes.

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