Diseases That Insects And Rodents Carry

November 1, 2018

No one wants to discover that they have a pest infestation. Not only are rodents and insects a nuisance, but in some cases, they can be a health hazard as well. In particular, mice and rats, fleas and ticks all carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans and cause serious health complications. It is important to understand what you might be facing; educating yourself on the diseases that these pests carry is crucial to helping you stay healthy in the future.


One of the most well-known diseases that rodents carry is the Hantavirus. Symptoms include muscle aches, fever and fatigue. Because Hantavirus can lead to Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, it is not a disease to take lightly. HPS is a serious respiratory condition.

Most people are familiar with salmonellosis in food, but rodents also carry this bacteria. Humans are exposed to it through their waste. Leptospirosis is another disease that can be serious in humans, although it affects everyone differently. Humans are typically exposed when they come into contact with water or soil that an infected rodent has urinated on.


Lyme disease is unfortunately very common. Ticks transfer the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease to their host through a bite, and sufferers often experience lameness and may also feel exhausted or spike a fever as well.

Deer ticks often fly under the radar because they do not have very big bites. However, they have the potential to transmit babesiosis, which is a bacteria that gets into your red blood cells. Some people may have very few symptoms while others might experience anemia, exhaustion, chills, sweats and/or a fever.

Both deer ticks and black-legged ticks transmit anaplasmosis, which can hit people with compromised immune systems quite hard. The symptoms look a lot like that of the flu and include a fever and chills. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is another tick-related disease, and it first presents itself as a headache and a rash. It can lead to nerve issues and organ damage.


When a flea jumps on you, you have no way of knowing where it has been. Because fleas feed on many different animals, they can transmit a number of diseases including Typhus. Typhus comes from rats and, in humans, it can cause headaches, fever, nausea and a rash.

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