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Excel pest service leads
Excel pest service leads

The latest methods.
The safest techniques.
The greatest peace of mind.

We have the knowledge, experience and techniques to match any national pest control company. But being family owned and operated means we do things a little differently. We put more into everything we do, so you can breathe easier knowing you’re getting the best service possible.
Free pest inspection. Same day service.

What sets us apart?

We’re family owned and operated.
Excel has been a family business from the beginning. You’re not dealing with a corporation, you’re dealing with people who take enormous pride in their work, and in a job done well.
We hire right. And treat them right.
People love our employees. They’re knowledgeable, friendly and share our family’s commitment to treating your home, like it was their home.
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We’re environmentally responsible.
Our IPM approach to service means knowledge is our best weapon. Proactively preventing pests while using the least amount of pesticides.
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We guarantee…well, everything.
We stand behind our work 365 days a year. If something isn’t done right, we’ll come back at no charge. We’re not happy until you are.
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History and highlights of a
family business

Our patriarch of the family, Sam Sr., started Commercial Exterminators in 1978. When Sam Jr. settled in North Jersey in the early 90’s, our family business was born. With one truck and a dream, we started as Sears Authorized Pest Control (remember Sears?) before growing into what is now Excel Pest Services.
We committed to safer methods and non-chemical solutions. You’ll hear it called Integrated Pest Management. But we call it common sense. It’s one more way we treat your home as if it were our own.
We got very busy and invested in new team members and technology to help them. Like integrating your records so when you call, we know it’s you and we can solve your problem faster.
We completed our millionth service! (Try saying that 10 times fast.) Our team and vehicles grew too. Making us more confident our growing family can deliver the service your family deserves.
We’re not done yet. Over the next decade we’ll deliver safe pest control from our fleet of hybrid electric trucks. (We were hoping for flying cars, but what can you do?) We’ll keep growing with the latest tools to deliver more effective pest control and a 100% satisfaction rate. Stay tuned…
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Your neighbors love us.
Pests, not so much.

“What I love about the service, and I’ve recommended so many people to them because of this, is that those ants come and go every year. They really don’t cause much of a problem, except your wife freaks out about it…she calls me, I call them, they show up, she’s happy, I’m happy…Problem solved.”

— Residential and commercial customer

“I did talk to a number of pest control companies, and when I considered the value of their being willing to come out anytime I have a problem I went with them. That freedom to just call is very valuable to me.”

— Residential customer

“I’ve been very happy with the service. The techs are actually very friendly. I actually enjoyed speaking with them. They’re very informative and kind of educated me on a couple of things…I think they hire really well.”

— Residential customer

If pests come back so do we. Guaranteed.

The Excel “Worry Free-Pest Free” Guarantee.
Partnering with us means we’ve got you covered all year long – with free return service visits, anytime. If you need us, call us. We’ll be there. It’s one more way you can Excel and exhale.
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You’ll be supporting research into Lyme disease, too.
Choosing Excel helps us support the John Hopkins Lyme Research Center. You will help them advance the critical knowledge and clinical tools urgently needed to improve Lyme disease patient care and health outcomes.

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