What to Know When It Comes to Commercial Pest Control

May 20, 2016

New Jersey Commercial Pest Control

Everyone knows that it’s important to stay up to date on pest control services and the like in order to keep your home free from unwanted creatures. However, many forget that an office is akin to a second home and is no less susceptible to infestations or other pest control issues. If you’re a business owner or care for a business, it is important to understand that part of the value of said business relies upon how well controlled a pest situation is.

According to pestworld.org, “Pests and rodents in your business can affect the way your customers view you and your company.” While many may think they don’t have to worry about this type of issue in regards to their business, they may be surprised to know the truth. Any kind of insect infestation in the workplace cannot only pose serious health risks for employees but also for customers, both of which can severely endanger a business.

Excel Termite & Pest Control serves the New Jersey area in high-quality commercial pest control. When dealing with commercial pest control, it’s important to hire a company that understands integrated pest management and can ensure any pests affecting your business will be eliminated entirely and prevented in the future.

Preventative Steps

According to the National Pest Management Association, New York is in the top 10 buggiest cities in the United States, making New Jersey a nearby hotbed for infestations and pest control issues. However, preventive steps can be taken in order to help your business avoid an infestation altogether. It’s important to seal any cracks or crevices that could allow for bugs to enter from outside or hide themselves in. Untreated openings give insects the opportunity to live in your business unnoticed and for an infestation to grow from an almost harmless point to a severe issue in your workplace.

It is also vital to empty garbage cans frequently, whether they be in a break room or in a public area. Standing garbage and other areas such as these leave too much opportunity for insects to not only be drawn into your business but, again, to have a place to hide, breed and grow their numbers to the point where they become a real issue for your company.

When it comes to the break room or even public areas of your business, make sure to keep all counters and surfaces as clean as possible and free from any debris. Clutter, garbage, crumbs and the like left out can draw bugs and encourage an infestation.

If you do experience an infestation at your commercial site in the New Jersey area, contact Excel Termite & Pest Control as quickly as possible to make sure the problem is taken care of and is not permitted to spread or to grow to any further extent. The safety of your employees and customers as well as the quality and standard to which your business is held to are not things that can be put on the back burner. Help your business be successful by preventing infestations and having any that appear properly taken care of by a commercial pest control specialist.

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