The Importance of Preventive Pest Control

June 21, 2018

There is a lot involved when it comes to properly maintaining your home year after year. Not only do you have to perform daily tasks to ensure that the living space stays organized, but you also need to be vigilant about caring for the property and performing repairs as issues arise. Part of home maintenance involves having regular pest control services at your property. Not only can pests damage your home, but they also take away from the appeal of a property and cause health issues as well. There are several reasons why it is important to set up preventive pest control and have the professionals come out on a regular basis.

Pests Cause Damage to Your Home

There are a number of different pests that can hurt your home or your belongings. For example, silverfish, which are a common problem for pest control in New Jersey, are partial to books and photographs; before you know it, some of your most treasured possessions could be obsolete. Of course, both carpenter ants and termites are also a huge issue as well. They damage the structure of the property and need to be addressed immediately to keep costs (and stress!) down.

Pests Can Harm You and Your Pets

There are pests that can hurt you if you allow them to take up residence in your home. Black widow spiders, for example, have a poisonous bite. Even if you don’t have one of these spiders in your home, other species can bite, which is uncomfortable at best. Roaches are dirty and are known to spread germs and bacteria. In addition, rodents are a problem, too. Some carry hantavirus, and if contracted by humans, it is a disease that can lead to kidney failure.

Pests Contaminate Your Food

Pests enter your home because they want shelter and food. Mice, rats, roaches, ants and more would like nothing better than to get into your pantry and destroy your non-perishable goods. Not only are they an inconvenience and a waste of money, but they are a health hazard as well.

DIY Pest Control Rarely Works

Over the counter (OTC) products “talk” a good game, but they really aren’t effective. They may help ease the problem for a few days, but the pests are likely to come back in full force after that. Many people are caught in a vicious cycle of repeatedly buying OTC products, wasting money and simply getting more and more frustrated over time. Let Excel Termite and Pest Control come out on a regular basis and handle your pest control for you. You’ll save a lot of time and ultimately a lot of money as well.

Proper home maintenance can save you time, money and stress. One issue that you don’t want to worry about is a pest infestation in your home. These little creatures are dirty, can cause damage and are simply a nuisance to have around. Rather than trying to deal with the situation on your own, get a licensed pest control company to come by on a regular basis and keep the problem in check for you.