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In our pest guide section you will be able to find useful articles for pest prevention and actionable tips on how to deal with pest in case of an infestation.
American Dog Tick
Florida Tick Season: Everything You Need to Know

It’s that time of year again- peak tick season in Florida. Yay! Seriously though,...

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Cockroach Identification Fact Sheet

Identification Beetle-like insects with relatively small heads and broad, flattened...

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Florida’s Mosquito Season: Everything You Need to Know

Let’s be real- nobody likes having mosquitoes around when they’re trying to...

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Preventing Back-to-School Pests: A Guide

Back-to-school seasons are a relief for many parents and an exciting time for...

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racoon climbing a tree
Raccoons: A Guide for Identifying and Preventing the Masked Pests

Although some people think raccoons are cute, they may quickly change their minds...

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Squirrel eating
A Guide to Identifying and Preventing Squirrel Infestations on Your Property

The cooler weather is here, which means many outdoor pests are looking for a place...

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How to Keep Opossums Out of Your Garden For Good!

The opossum’s appearance is mildly frightening, but unfortunately, that’s...

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Bees need our help now more than ever. A Guide to Saving the Bees

Let’s all take a second to think about the little things in life that bring...

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Stop Mosquitoes- A Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Preventing Infestations

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for outdoor evening activities. Unfortunately,...

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Wooden Structure in Backyard: Potential Termite Food
5 Easy To Follow Tips & Tricks For Termite Prevention

Most people look forward to spring. It’s a time when flowers start blooming,...

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