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Category: Pest Facts

Pests can be considered a nuisance and many people tend to stay away from them, however there are so many interesting facts regarding pests which many people haven't heard about. Browse through our selection of articles and get ready to discover some really cool pest facts.
Spider on a leaf.
10 Interesting Spider Facts

Peak spider season is once again in full swing! That may not be very exciting...

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3 bees in bee hive
Where Do Bees Go During The Winter?

When the warm weather disappears, so does the familiar buzzing of bees. Have you...

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What Attracts Mouse and How To Fix It

Mice are crafty pests that can be hard to control once they’ve invaded. Make...

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small white rat
How Rats Think and Why It Matters

Believe it or not, rats are smarter than a great number of other animals. In fact,...

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scorpions skewers
Entomophagy: Bug Delicacies Around the World

Entomophagy refers to the eating of insects, and it is practiced worldwide. It...

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9 Silverfish Facts You May Not Know

Silverfish are the nuisance pest from some people’s nightmares. Where there’s...

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Fossil of tyrannosaurus
Research: Fossil Hotspots on America’s East Coast

Looking for something to do with the kids over the next few weeks? Trying to find...

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child surrounded by pigeons
Discover 11 Fascinating Pigeon Facts

Did you know pigeon droppings were once considered a valuable fertilizer? That...

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remote in hand
Research: On-Screen Animals – Who is the Champion?

More time at home has meant that there has been a profound increase in the number...

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Mosquito hanging on a leaf.
8 Facts About the Deadliest Animals in the World: Mosquitoes

Now that we’re well into winter and a safe distance from the summer nuisance...

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