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Termite Treatment & Termite Control

Termite Protection. Make sure your house isn’t on the menu.

We get rid of termites. We also get rid of the stress of termites.

There aren’t many things that cause anxiety quite like the discovery of termites. We’re here to help. We’ll find the problem, fix the problem, and keep the problem from happening again.

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Five Steps To Keeping Termites Away

We'll take a look at everything - inside and out


Our full inspection will look for wood damage, mud tubes, discarded wings, termite exit holes and termite droppings. In particular we’ll look where soil meets untreated wood and surface water or wet soil contacts your structure.

Each prescription is different because your property is different

We’ve got more than one tool in our tool kit for controlling termites. Drawing from both liquid treatments and a bait-station approach, we can both have confidence your property is protected.

To be thorough, some work is done inside

Caught early most termite control can be done from outside. But we’ll also be monitoring garages, basements and crawl spaces especially where concrete meets wood sills and joists. Interior liquid applications may be part of the solution.

We're your watchful eye on relentless termites

EXCEL will continue your Termite Protection Plan to monitor and help protect your home from future termite activity. If you’re part of the Sentricon plan and termites hungrily ate the baits we’ll replenish our bait stations each year you renew. Liquid application renewals will be inspected annually and any necessary re-treatment will be done at no additional charge.

We stand behind our work

Termite control from EXCEL Pest Services give you the confidence the job will be done right and EXCEL will be around to cover you for years to come. We’ll remind you annually about the renewal of your coverage so you can set and forget this one!


100 percent Guaranteed 365 Year-Round Service.


Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System

Excel Pest Services is an Authorized Operator of the Sentricon System. The Sentricon System is an eco-friendly, termite baiting system that requires no trenching, drilling or digging. Our technicians will strategically install termite bait stations around your home or business directly into the ground. Termites foraging for food are attracted to the bait in each station, which is then carried back and shared with the rest of the colony.
The end result is the death to entire colony, including the queen. Along with eliminating all active termite infestations, continued use of the Sentricon System will prevent future infestations from occurring as well! Little maintenance is needed with the Sentricon System; we only have to check bait stations periodically. This helps us to determine where termites are most active to ensure proper termite treatment.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will EXCEL notify me before coming?

    Yes. You will get an email notifying you of an upcoming scheduled service. If your program is exterior only you do not need to be home.

    Can Termite Protection be added to my current service program?

    Yes. If you want to add Termite Protection to your Home Protection Plan you can upgrade. Just call or email and we'l lcustomize your services.

    Why do termite service programs automatically renew?

    Termites are relentless insects who are trying to survive. And over time, termite baits are consumed and liquid barriers can be broken by water drainage. While we use only the best materials and baits that offer extended protection, those must be monitored annually to ensure continuous termite protection.

    Is my warranty transferrable when I sell this property?

    Yes, the new homeowner can continue the coverage by taking over the renewal. It is transferable to the new homeowner at the same address.

    Can I pay my bill online?

    Yes. Look for the Customer Portal tab at the very top right of our website. From there you can access the online bill payment system for your service area.

    What if I need to cancel or not renew?

    No problem. The warranty will expire at the end of your current contract and annual inspections, baiting and/or liquid re-treatments will stop.

    The company we keep.

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    You’ll be supporting research into Lyme disease, too.

    Choosing Excel helps us support the John Hopkins Lyme Research Center. You will help them advance the critical knowledge and clinical tools urgently needed to improve Lyme disease patient care and health outcomes.

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