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Bird Control & Bird Exclusion

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Bird Control Made Easy. Effective products and innovative methods.

Nesting birds take a little more than elbow grease. That’s when we come in.

Bird droppings are easy to notice and tricky to prevent. Trust the experts with your residential and commercial bird control problems.

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Five Steps to Keep Birds Away


Look up and look down – We check every possible roost, perch and nest. Our full inspection will look for all signs of bird activity. It’s important to identify the bird species, location, and population size before taking action.

Pest Management Plan

Effective bird control solutions are tailored to your property. Different birds require different control methods, that’s why we plan ahead. Depending on the bird species and bird activity, our experts will recommend the appropriate solution. And if there’s an alternative, we’ll let you know what else can be done.


Our team of authorized installers will affix the appropriate products to your property. Although most bird problems are seen on the exterior of buildings, some installations will require access to the inside of warehouses, parking garages, and other semi enclosed structures. This ensures the property is fully protected.

Annual Service

We’re here to keep a bird’s eye view on your pest problems. Excel will continue to service your property, maintaining your bird repellent dispensers and inspect bird net installations for durability and longevity.


Bird control from EXCEL Pest Services reassures you that those pesty birds will leave and stay away for good. We will remind you annually about the renewal of your coverage so you can enjoy your bird free property.




Excel Pest Services is an Authorized Installer of Bird B Gone, the world’s leading manufacturer of professional bird control products. Excel offers an extensive line of humane bird deterrents for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Whether you’re troubled by the pigeons, crows, geese or sparrows, we offer products with proven solutions. Bird netting, bird spikes, electric track and repellent gels are just a few of the deterrents our technicians can incorporate into your comprehensive pest management plan.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do birds carry diseases and are they harmful to people?

    Yes, Birds, bird droppings and nesting materials can carry over 60 diseases and ectoparasites transmittable to humans and animals

    How do I know if I have a bird problem?

    Look up and look down. Look up to see if you can spot signs of bird activity such as nesting materials. Look down on the ground level to see if there are bird droppings on the ground. If you can see bird droppings, this means there are birds perching above those areas.

    Is there one product that works for every bird problem?

    The simple answer is no. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly inspect the property to create a pest management plan designed specifically for your bird problem.

    Do bird spikes work for only pigeons?

    Bird Spikes are a great solution for pigeons, gulls and similar sized birds perching on flat open roofs and ledges. If you are experiencing problems with birds smaller than pigeons or nesting birds, there are alternative solutions that can be devised.

    Are there alternative products to Bird Spike?

    Yes, Bird Jolt Flat track is a fantastic alternative to bird spikes. This electric track comes in different colors, deters a range of bird species and is hardly noticeable from the ground level. It can be installed on rooftops, fences, ledges and other flat open areas birds may perch.

    I have nesting birds, what can you do?

    First, we will check if the bird is a protected species. If the species is protected, we will wait until they vacate the nest fully. If the species is a non-protected bird, we can safely and humanely remove the nest and clean the area. We will then recommend an exclusionary product such as bird netting to prevent birds from nesting in the future.

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