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Excel Termite & Pest Control provides expert residential pest control in New Jersey and Florida. With over 20+ years experience we’ve helped over 20,000 homeowners manage and exterminate their pest problems. Let us help you!

Excel Termite and Pest Control’s exclusive residential home protection plan protects your home all year long from over 25 common pests and rodents including termites, roaches, crickets, ants, centipedes, millipedes, beetles, spiders, bees & wasps, fleas, mice & rats.

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How Our System Works

  • You get 4 scheduled visits every year from Excel® Termite and Pest Control
  • Exterior inspections & treatments during the Spring, Summer, & Fall months (See below for details)
  • Interior pest control inspection & treatment during the Winter months (See below for details)
  • Unlimited FREE Emergency Visits for covered pests between scheduled visits!*

E-Z Payment System

  • Easy automatic payments using any major credit or debit card or ACH from your checking account.
  • Our E-Z Payment system is designed for your convenience.
  • Unlimited Free Emergency Visits For Covered Pests between scheduled Visits!*

Inspection Service Dates

  •   Spring Exterior – Between March and May
  •   Summer Exterior – Between June and August
  •   Fall Exterior – Between September and November
  •   Winter Interior – Between December and February

Free Inspection & Estimate. Same Day Service. Guaranteed.


During the Spring exterior visit (March – May) – A technician from Excel® Termite and Pest Control will treat around doors, windows, and the home’s exterior. We place a protective liquid and granular barrier around the exterior of your house to keep the crawling insects from entering your home. We treat basements, garages, crawl spaces, and trash areas of your home to discourage insect breeding and further eliminate possible infestations. We treat crawl spaces and walk-in attics in your home as your first interior line of defense. We also remove all spider webs on the first floor and treat in the wall voids where pests live and breed.

At the Summer exterior visit (June – August) – We administer another perimeter application around the exterior of your home for continuous protection against crawling insects. This includes perimeter treatments around doors and windows, as well as, the placement of granular baits in mulch bed areas. We inspect the exterior of your house for bees and wasps nests. If nests are found, they are treated. We also remove all spiders and spider webs.

At the Fall exterior visit (September – November) we administer another perimeter application for continuous protection against crawling insects around the exterior of your home. This helps protect against insects that are creating nesting sites in order to wait out the winter season on the interior of your home. We will also remove all spider webs.

During the Winter interior visit (December- February) A highly trained technician from Excel® Termite and Pest Control will carefully inspect and treat cracks and crevices in the kitchen and bathroom areas of your home to protect against common household pests. We also inspect for rodent and animal infestations and treat to prevent them from entering your home. Your attic and garage areas are also inspected for termites. At the end of the interior inspection and treatment, We will provide you with a written inspection report during the fall and winter that will aid in managing your home for pest protection all year long.

  • Our first experience with Excel and Marc in particular was really great. He is a great personality and is efficient in performing his duties. He is a prompt, courteous technician. I would recommend both Marc and Excel.

    Joe Old Tappan 10/17/13
  • Tracy is always knowledgeable, explains what she is going to do and is always smiling. Thanks!

    Toby Englewood Cliffs 3/4/13
  • Our tech is courteous and knowledgeable and has answered any questions we had to our satisfaction.

    Joyce Paramus 3/20/13

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