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EXCEL Termite and Pest Control is the perfect solution for getting rid of Carpenter Ants. Carpenter Ants build nests inside wood. They carve out galleries–areas chewed out with their mandibles–and they prefer dead damp wood. Unlike termites, they do not consume wood. Carpenter ants hollow out sections of trees and are known to infest wooden buildings and structures. They are a widespread nuisance and major cause of structural damage to home and businesses. In the United States, the black carpenter ant is the most common. Give EXCEL Termite and Pest Control a call today and let us help you get rid of your Carpenter Ant problem today.

Carpenter ants can damage wood in buildings. They leave behind a sawdust-type material called frass. Specialist at EXCEL are trained to find clues to their nesting location. Carpenter ant galleries are different from termite-damaged areas. Carpenter Ant galleries are smooth, and termites have mud packed into the hollowed-out areas.

Ants: The Most Determined Household Pest

Signs You Have Carpenter Ants

  • If there are large black ant flying around your house.
  • Trails of ants visible in your house.
  • Visible piles of frass (sawdust-like material).
  • Quiet rustling sounds at night; this is the time when the workers are busy.
  • Excellent Service! Arrived promptly and performed a thorough inspection of our home. Thank you!

    Migdalia Wyckoff 3/20/13
  • Excel is the best service with a friendly smile and knowledgeable employees that are always a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend the service for a great peace of mind to all homeowners

    William, Teaneck 5/1/13 Customers
  • Very Dog Friendly, very kind, competent service.

    -Melindah, Ridgewood 4/23/13 Home Owner
  • On October 2nd one of your technicians came to perform a routine fall service at our home. I would like to thank him for his well performed service. This is the level of service we, the customers, want to see from each service vendor.

    Orna Customer
  • I recently had Ed come out to my house for service because I was concerned that I had termites. Ed was very nice and polite and performed a very thorough service. He took care of all of my concerns and treated all around the property as well as put baits down. It was very pleasant dealing with him.

    Mary L. Customer
  • Your company has been friendly and efficient and I really appreciate it. I will absolutely be recommending you to others if anyone should ever need this type of assistance. It has been a pleasure. Thank you again for everything.

    Tara Customer
  • We have been Excel customers for a number of years and have been completely satisfied with the service. Excel has been very accommodating with respect to scheduling appointments at our convenience. Russ has been the service representative who has visited us most often. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and conscientious. A big plus is that he keeps the appointments, thereby avoiding our need to change other appointments or to reschedule our appointments with Excel

    Ray Customer
  • This high level service speaks a lot about the technician but also about the company that trained him so well and that put its customers in their first priority. I hope all future services will be at this high quality.

    Shirley Customer
  • Our first experience with Excel and Marc in particular was really great. He is a great personality and is efficient in performing his duties. He is a prompt, courteous technician. I would recommend both Marc and Excel.

    Joe Old Tappan 10/17/13
  • Tracy is always knowledgeable, explains what she is going to do and is always smiling. Thanks!

    Toby Englewood Cliffs 3/4/13

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If you spot ants in your home, they should be addressed right away by a pest professional to prevent them from colonizing your entire home!Service/Inspection Dates:

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We provide free inspections & estimates with same day service