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To a certain extent, Beetles can be beneficial to homeowners as they feed on other insects that can damage outdoor plants or insects that may enter the home. However, Beetles can be bothersome and a headache to deal with.

In colder, wet weather, they can invade the home in search of food and shelter. Also, they can potentially swarm and cluster outside of the home in warmer, dry weather.

Beetles can cause damage to your garden, grass or landscape and even parts of the home if they cluster and swell. With this, Beetles not only become a nuisance to deal with in your home but living with this issue can have negative effects on your health and happiness. Have EXCEL Termite and Pest Control handle all your beetle extermination needs today!

What Are Beetles?

Beetles are a part of the Coleoptera which is considered to be the largest group of insects. Beetles can be found anywhere and everywhere, as they are the most common type of insect. However, they are frequently confused with cockroaches due to their similar size and color.

How Can I Identify A Beetle?

There is a great array of colors, shapes, and sizes amongst this species.

Adult Beetles can be identified by the look and feel of their wings and wing covers. Considering all winged insects have two sets of wings, Beetles are set apart from those insects considering their outer set of wings are hard and thick acting as a protective shield covering their flying wings as they are extremely fragile.

These insects also have chewing mouthparts and well-developed antennas.

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What Are The Most Common Types Of Beetles?

First, we must take into consideration there are more than 25,000 Beetle species found in North America alone.

The most common type found around a home belong to one of the three basic groups of Beetles such as:

  • Food Product Beetles
  • Wood Destroying Beetles
  • Fabric Infesting Beetles


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Comments / Question:

How Can A Beetle Enter My Home?

Beetles enter the house for the same reasons we do, seeking food and shelter.

Insects can enter the home through easy access entry points such as cracks in the foundation and through the open gaps and spaces that surround doors and windows.

Why Is It Important To Treat A Beetle Infestation?

Treating any bug infestation is important to your health, happiness and overall, your well-being.

More so, treating a Beetle infestation will help protect your home, both indoors and outdoors. Ridding homes of a Beetle infestation will protect items such as fabric & wool items, wooden furniture and flooring, and food products inside the home. Treating the outside of the home will protect your lawn and landscape.

How Can I Prevent Beetles From Entering My Home In The Future?

  • Ensure all gaps and spaces surrounding doors and windows are filled or fixed.
  • Fix any existing cracks in the foundation and exterior walls.
  • Make sure all screens in doors and windows are sealed tight and inserted correctly.
  • Seal surrounding gaps around utility lines and appliance vents.
  • Keep Moisture at bay, as it can attract more insects.
  • Keep kitchen organized and clean, along with cabinets and pantry.
  • Keep food tightly sealed.
  • Remove excess clutter both inside and outside the home.
  • Routinely clean up the surrounding vicinity of the home.

Does My Home Protection Plan Cover My Home From Beetles?

Yes, each Home Protection Plan is customized to fit any homeowner’s needs. This guarantees that your infestation issue is exterminated and that you are protected in the future.

The possibility of a beetle infestation can cause homeowners to be uncomfortable in their living environment. Calling someone you can trust to treat and control your beetle problem is important. Finding the right company that is reputable, reliable and experienced will help make any house a home by creating a safe and comfortable environment.

If you believe that you are currently experiencing a beetle issue, call Excel today to schedule your free home inspection.

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