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Category: Wildlife Guide

child surrounded by pigeons
Discover 11 Fascinating Pigeon Facts

Did you know pigeon droppings were once considered a valuable fertilizer? That...

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remote in hand
Research: On-Screen Animals – Who is the Champion?

More time at home has meant that there has been a profound increase in the number...

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Mole poking its head and front feet out of the dirt.
Moles vs. Voles: What’s the Difference?

  Moles and voles are both notorious for ravaging our backyards and gardens,...

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Geese flying in formation in a cloudy evening sky.
5 Beautiful Birds of New Jersey

  New Jersey is home to an astounding 480 different bird species. That’s...

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Bat Flying in the sky
10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Bats

We all know bats as the Halloween mascot that can be seen flitting about in the...

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3 fire ants pulling apart a smaller black ant.
A Guide to Florida Ants

If you’ve ever been to Florida, you probably ran into a fire ant or two while...

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birds of florida
Birdwatch: Seven Beautiful Birds of Florida

Whether you’re an avid bird-watcher or an occasional admirer, there’s no denying...

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Pollen-covered bee hovering next to a yellow flower.
Bees need our help now more than ever. A Guide to Saving the Bees

Let’s all take a second to think about the little things in life that bring...

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